Take Time To REST. ..Take a Time Out for YOU!!


I just don’t see how some people do it .. ripping & running all the time. Every time you turn around they got something to do, somewhere to go, somebody to go meet, an event to attend, parties, extracurricular activities, lunch dates, dinner dates, church outings .. just some of everything throughout the entire week! I mean the whole 7 days they are BUSY and on the go!! I couldn’t do it! As a matter of fact, I won’t do it. I just c a n n o t .. Last week was the longest but busiest week I’ve seen so far this year!! My only rest day was on Sunday & really that was just half of a rest day because the boys had baseball practice. When I say I had something to do every single day and most days it was a number of things.. that is exactly what I mean! It’s a good thing that I don’t live in a big busy city because my Lord, I don’t think I would make it! That type of life is not for me, especially after having kids.

Really though, I love my space entirely too much. I enjoy being in the comfort of my own home junky or not. I love my quiet private time. I love people but I also love having time to myself too. I love being able to slow down and just relax! I love taking mental breaks and doing nothing. I love my chill days man! Seriously, it’s nice to have time to rest, regroup, renew my mind and get some things done that I want to do without having to rush. 

“Rest and Self-Care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” -Eleanor Brown

This coming up weekend still seems so far away, geeeez 😏😂 but I can assure you that I have a few people trying to occupy my weekend already! haha. I’ve politely declined. 🙂 No offense but I’m determined to RELAX & I refuse to feel guilty about it! I’m not making myself go anywhere at all unless I really want to. It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary!👌😘 Learn to take time for you! You can’t get things done the way you want to when you’re overwhelmed with the stress of being too busy. It eventually gets frustrating. It’s okay to step back sometimes and just enjoy being your own company. I’m not the most balanced person.. I’m balanced but kind of like an unorganized type of balanced if that makes sense hahaha! that’s okay too! I suck at balancing my life like it should be balanced but one thing is sure.. The key to keeping your balance, regardless of how organized it is, is knowing when you’ve lost it.

Self Care.. take care of you!

xoxo, jessica


Self Love Is The BEST Love. Love On You Til You’re Filled!!


“Treat Yo Self!” 

Sometimes we get so busy with life and taking care of others that we forget about ourselves and doing things that make us happy. Make yourself a priority every once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s NECESSARY!! 



So many people are hard on themselves about body image and following strict diets. Quick Reminder Though: Sexy is not a size, every calorie is not a war & your body is not a battleground. Your value is not measured in pounds. You are just as beautiful as any other woman! So with that being said.. Relax & just eat the cupcake! It won’t hurt to have one every now and then!


“Be Kind To Yourself” 

Like seriously, you will never speak to anyone else as much as you speak to yourself in your own head. Self Encouragement is so important and sometimes very critical. This is both a form of self love & self care! I’ve learned that you can’t always depend on other people to be there & encourage you when you’re at your lowest. Most times, people don’t know all that you really go through or what daily battles you’re fighting. Sometimes, you just have to encourage yourself! Sometimes you have to speak victory over yourself and your circumstances. There’s power in the words you speak. Keep good thoughts & a good spirit. The things you say & believe manifest quicker than you think! Pep talks are a great way to encourage yourself by the way.  Sometimes, I do it in front of a mirror and sometimes I do it while I’m driving. “Girl, you’re beautiful. You’ve been through so much and because of it, you’re a stronger person! You’re a great mommy and even though you don’t think you’re doing a good job today, your kids still think the world of you! To them, baby you hung the moon and because of that you have to keep pushing! You have a big heart and you’re real hustler with great ambitions & etc..” I talk to myself all the time about everything and keep myself lifted as much as possible! Call me crazy if you want haha but it works and if you’ve never done this before you should definitely give it a try!!



Protect your peace & I mean that! People will drive you crazy and literally stress you out if you let them. You can’t function properly when you’re stressed. You can’t be the parent, spouse, child, sibling, employee or friend you need to be when you’re under a lot of stress. You just can’t. Always remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup!



Listen, God didn’t ask you to be them. He asked you to be YOU! Stop comparing yourself to other people and what they have. What God has for you, will always be for you! Instead, learn how to cheer & be happy for other people in their winning season and have faith in the fact that when it’s your time to shine.. God got you!! 


If you show yourself love daily, then today just added a bonus! Love on you til you’re filled. 🙂  Don’t forget to like, share or subscribe if you enjoy this post or any of the other posts on my site!! 🙂