ONE Characteristic You Need to Make SURE Your Partner Has Before Getting Married !!!


C O M M U N I C A T I O N !!

..& I’m not just talking about the basics of communication either. I’m talking about effective communication! Effective communication is not about exchanging information with your partner. It’s about making what you want to say, is what you actually say & your partner interprets consistently. The goal of effective communication is to create a common perception that is received in a positive manner, so that you can TOGETHER agree on a further action or decision…even if that just means that the other person will allow you to continue speaking! It’s important to be able to say what you want and need to say without it coming off as disrespectful or careless. I cannot stress enough how critical this type of communication is. You’ll save yourself a lot of arguments, headaches and stress in the future. Make sure your partner isn’t the type of person to get mad at you for expressing what upsets you… even if it’s not deep to them, it could be a serious matter for you and you want to make sure you have someone that will respect your feelings.. & you can’t tell your partner they can come to you about anything but simultaneously get heated when constructive criticism is throw your way, for the sake of the relationship.. you just {c a n n o t} do it. Genuine consideration and effective communication is they key and without it, your relationship/marriage is bound to fail.

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Does Social Media Really Ruin Relationships??


Absolutely not!

It really just boils down to people not knowing HOW to communicate. Too many people are letting “social media” ruin their relationships. Talk to your partner and stop letting inboxes, likes, and retweets ruin what you’re trying to build. Like seriously, this generation is nothing at all like the older generation. I suppose my grandparents stayed together simply because they didn’t have 2,000 other people following them or liking their pictures at their disposal when their marriage/relationship got hard. Nowadays, when most relationships hit the rocks, they just log onto social media and get high off this false sense of security and appreciation. Too many people value their worth based on comments, likes and inboxes filled with colorful words that have no depth whatsoever and that’s ridiculous. Getting social media involved when you and your partner aren’t seeing eye to eye only makes things worse, completely embarrasses your relationship and also puts a lot of unnecessary people in your business…

& Be careful about WHO you open up to and start telling your business to! Only a few people genuinely care. Trust me, I know. Been there done that. Not everyone wants to see you make it. Not everyone has your best interest at heart nor do they want to see you be successful whether it’s concerning your relationship, financial issues or other personal matters. Over time, I have learned that most people really don’t care. Some people have hidden motives, some are curious and some are just messy and enjoy having something to talk about! Don’t give folks that kind  of satisfaction when it comes to any of your personal issues, especially your marriage/relationship! I know whatever Me and MY Husband go through, we get through! So even when we’re not good… we’re good!