God’s Plan..

Even though Drake is clearly a Hip Hop & R&B music artist.. there is no way that he didn’t hear from God with this one! It’s not too often that you hear about celebrities genuinely giving back to their communities or any community really. Some say he probably only did this for publicity. Who knows? Only God can judge that but I honestly thought this video was very genuine and heart felt. I’m not gonna lie, it made my eyes water a little bit! To visually see the struggles that so many other people are faced with & to personally think about my own kinda hit home for me. Now if you’ve never been through a struggle before, then you really can’t relate. But if you know what it’s like to live from paycheck-to-paycheck, not know where your next meal is coming from or how you’re going to provide for your family or even for yourself then you probably already know how much joy these people felt when someone just randomly came along and blessed them with exactly what they needed or close to it!! And although people always try to make everything about “race” .. this clearly wasn’t about race at all. This was solely about giving back and helping others of all kinds of different ethnicities, backgrounds, races, and cultures. It’s a blessing when God puts you on somebody’s mind to come and bless you with exactly what He knows you need. To me, it’s just another one of God’s ways of expressing his love for us. I truly believe miracles are expressions performed out of love. 

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