10 Reasons to be HAPPY about MONDAYS!!


  1. Mondays are for weekly fresh starts.
  2. It begins a new week.
  3. Great day to develop a new mindset.
  4. Great day to develop a new focus.
  5. Great day to come up with good new intentions.
  6. Mondays are for new goals!
  7. Monday gives you the chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week.
  8. M o n d a y is just another day to be killing it!
  9. Great day to begin slaying the hell out of your weekly goals!!
  10. Mondays belong to the GO-GETTERS!! Be a go-getter and not a go-sitter!! Don’t go sit and watch other people get it .. be the person who decided to get up and go get it for themselves.😜

OKAY, it’s Monday and the weekend is over but who really said Monday’s have to suck?? Have a great day anyway!! It’s a new week. God is doing a new thing, opening new doors, new breaks, and giving you new blessings. Prepare your mind and enlarge your vision !! I love you very very much and I pray that you have a good day. As a matter of fact, I pray you have a good week !!



20 Daily Reminders You Need To Know & Remember!!


  1. The past cannot be changed.
  2. Overthinking only leads to frustration and sadness.
  3. Other people’s opinions don’t define your reality.
  4. Depression does not define who you are.
  5. Positive thoughts creative positive things.
  6. You’ll only fail if you quit.
  7. Slow progress is BETTER than no progress at all.
  8. Everyone’s journey is different.
  9. It’s pointless to compare yourself to others.
  10. You don’t need other people to validate you.
  11. To fail means you did better than the one who did not try at all.
  12. Smiles are contagious.
  13. Kindness if free.
  14. Success does not happen overnight. Rome wasn’t a built in a day.
  15. Opinions aren’t facts.
  16. Rest is just as important as working hard.
  17. Positivity is a choice.
  18. Things always get better with time.
  19. Consistency is everything.
  20. Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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Sometimes daily positive reminders are needed in order to help us stay focused on where we’re trying to go! If you keep all or at least most of these in mind, then you’ll reach your goals for sure!! I hope you guys have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Your company is ALWAYS appreciated!!

5 Ways to LOVE Yourself A Little More!


Self love is really important. Make sure you spend time doing that!


It’s something about working out and exercising that will make you feel sooo good about yourself!! It’s a confidence booster and it makes you feel accomplished. Not only that, working out leads to a healthier life and in my opinion, a healthy life is always a great life.

  • Fix Up!

When you look a mess, most of the time you feel like one too but I have found that fixing yourself up is also another way to kick a bad mood!! Now sometimes, I have my days where I intentionally look a mess on purpose. Being ugly in peace is like another way of relaxation for me – no make-up, no eyebrows, hair all over the place, and in my pajamas! I’ll be walking around the house looking like “who did it and why?” all day 😂😂😂 but there are some days when I’m just in a bad mood and I feel UGLY forreal! One of the things that really helps turn my mood around is simply putting on something cute and fixing myself up! It makes me feel better. I don’t why but it does. You should try it!


If your goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness. When you’re comfortable with not being liked by everyone, you can definitely love yourself a lot more, be true to yourself, you’re more comfortable with exploring your own feelings and you can also freely express your thoughts. When you can accept the fact that not everyone will like you, you can inspire other people and it teaches you to offer kindness and compassion without expectations. Remember, a big part of self-love is not saying, “I’m conceited with myself. I just love me enough to not let what others think about me change the way I feel and think about me.”

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

People achieve success and fail at different rates. Never compare your journey to someone else’s.

  • Celebrate Your Wins!

If nobody else celebrates you, then YOU celebrate yourself !! Learn how to clap for yourself and keep it moving. Give yourself that pat on the back when you know you deserve it !! There’s nothing wrong with being proud of you and what you achieve, especially when you know it’s something that you’ve worked so hard for! I don’t care if it’s small wins or big ones .. make sure you take some time to love on you & treat yourself when necessary!
Thanks for visiting my post!! Your company here is ALWAYS appreciated !! xo!! I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to love on you some today toO!!

Never Underestimate The Power of The Words You Speak

“If you are always talking about your hardships, do not be surprised if you live in never-ending defeat. You must challenge yourself to stop talking about the problem and start talking about the solution. Use your words to change your situation. Start speaking words of victory. It is so important for you to understand that when you focus on your problems, you get more problems, and your problems intensify. However, when you stay focused on your purpose and passions and not your problems, you can have joy even when life seems to be falling apart.”
-Tony L. Warrick

A Little Love For You Today!❤


Be ye reminded; YOU get to make daily decisions about who and what deserves access to YOU !! Now that you are reminded of what fresh air feels and smells like, you have no reason to stay in anything toxic or go back to it. Just because you’re at peace doesn’t mean they’re not still toxic. No one has to understand your positive changes. As a matter of fact, don’t ever feel bad about changing for the better. Others will have you question your change but those who love you will encourage your improvement for knowing your worth and valuing yourself.

Remember, it can’t be in your space if it isn’t making you money, growing you, loving you, or giving you peace. If it doesn’t give you good vibes then kindly walk away from it. The more you distance yourself from negativity, the more you’ll see amazing things start to happen. Keep taking care of you. Be protective over your peace and always keep in the back of your mind that happiness is a choice just like being positive is a choice. I’m a biggie on self-care and this is just one of those aspects of it that I will always remind you of just as I continue to remind myself! 💕

Just thought I’d drop a little encouragement in your spirit today! (: I hope you all are having a great, fun and safe weekend!!