Hello May!🌞

I’m so glad to finally see this month! April seemed like it lasted FOREVER!! Everything about it was so slow! Work was slow, most of the days were long and gloomy because it rained so much and on top that we were still seeing winter temps which was no fun and if you’re from Tennessee then you know how bipolar the weather is here!! On a brighter note, I’m welcoming May with open arms!! I’m so excited to see the warmer temps, enjoy this pretty weather and watch the trees and flowers bloom and blossom again!! Despite the rainy days, S P R I N G is such a beautiful season!!🌳🌻🌼🌸
I thought it’d be a good idea to start the month off by setting some personal goals! So here are my five!! πŸ’•

  1. Stop Letting My Mood Shift Based on the Insignificant Actions of Someone Else
  2. Drink More Water – I’ve actually been doing pretty good with this one! I’m proud of myself πŸ˜‚
  3. Lay off the Bread – I eat entirely too many bready foods and I need to quit! It’s defeating the purpose of me working out and exercising to lose this pudge of mine that’s starting to get out of hand!
  4. Learn How To Meal Prep & Start Putting it into Action!
  5. Get More Consistent About Spending Time With Jesus – I got a little slackful last month! Gotta do better.

If you haven’t set any goals, you totally should !! Personal Growth is Addictive and you should always spend time doing that. You don’t have to be dramatic and set a bunch of goals nor do they have to be hard ones. It’s okay to take small steps daily in the process of becoming a BETTER You. And the goals you don’t achieve this month, roll ’em over to the next month and work even harder towards them! ☺