When Inspiration Strikes Through Housework.. Gahh, I Hate This Part About “Adulting”

My children are currently sleeping.. perfect time for me to blog in peace!! Unfortunately, I’ve been sitting here for the longest struggling with “writer’s block” and it’s annoying because I rarely ever have this issue! Normally, I take notes or save them in my phone the very second inspiration strikes so that when I do get the chance to write, I already have a variety of topics to choose from without any hesitation. Yeah, that might sound a little crazy but if I waited til I felt like writing, I’d  never write at all! Today is a little bit of a struggle because I’m using a new phone. My iPhone played out on me sooo I decided go back to being “Team Android” again haha. I love my new phone by the way! I just hate it that I lost all of my notes. 

But God is good! Just as I was about to give up on writing for a few hours and come back to it later.. inspiration struck me out of nowhere! I kid you not, I was about to lay down on my couch, get good and comfy, turn on one of my favorite shows and BOOM!! .. This is what I see… Just look at this mess!! Crazy mountains of clean laundry staring me in my face from the other couch…. just waiting to be folded! 


One of things I hate about “Adulting” AND Motherhood is L A U N D R Y!!! I can never seem to get it caught up or keep it done!! See, I don’t have a problem with washing dirty clothes. I just hate having to fold them and put them away!! Does anyone else have this issue?? Every now and then my Husband will fold them and then I’ll put them away but other than that…. Lord, these clothes will be resting on my couch until I’m in the mood to fool with them! It’s sad. I know. I should be folding them right now since I’m not doing anything else but I really don’t have the motivation for it! haha. 


No, I’m serious haha. I need answers! I have got to do better when it comes to laundry! I’m getting too old to be hating laundry this much haha. Any tips on how you guys manage your laundry from day to day or even week to week? If anyone has a method to this madness.. I’m all ears!! 🙂 

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