Missing My SCRUB Days!!


I love the job I have now. I currently work with a cable company as Accounts Receivable/Secretary/Clerical .. I kinda wear several different hats but I love what I do! In fact, this type of work is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I love the hours, the fact I’m off on all weekends, holidays & to top it off.. I only live like 5 minutes away! So yeah at this point in my life, this job works great for me!

However, I’m missing my good ole scrub days!! Almost 5 years ago today, I tested to become a CNA, passed & received my certification!! I remember that entire day like it was yesterday. I was so proud! Of course it wasn’t an Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degree but to me this Certification was everything. I was only 23 years old at the time and feeling pretty unsuccessful during this time of my life. To where my some of friends and several classmates were in great places career wise and financially, I on the other hand was not.  I had been in college for almost 5 years.. still no degree. (I ended up dropping out when I’d gotten pregnant with my first born.) My credit was poor. I didn’t have a good stable paying job and overall I just felt like I was becoming another statistic. So for me to achieve something like this was kind of my way of hitting the “Reset Button” for my life. It felt good to finally feel like I was making something of myself and proving everyone else wrong who had been doubting me all along. Proudly, I’ve not stopped there! The road to my success is always under construction but today… I just miss my big babies!!

One of my most favorite things about being a CNA is the emotional rewarding part of it. I mean, sometimes it can be emotionally demanding too but for the most part it was very rewarding! I had a chance to meet some phenomenal people in my four years of working in this field. I’ve made great connections and built awesome relationships with both coworkers and residents! Some of the relationships I shared with some of my residents were pretty deep & I cried like the biggest baby you ever did see when they passed. 😦 well mostly in private because it’s not very often that I let other people see me that emotional but throughout that entire day, it would be so bothersome. Til this day, those that have passed and those that are still here cross my mind quite frequently! Often times, I find myself talking about some of them and sharing some of my funniest moments with them. Man, sooooo many good memories & laughs for days!! The nursing home I worked at for the longest & feel most connected to is called “McKenzie Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center”. It’s like a second home for me “work wise” and a lot of people there are like family to me, both coworkers and residents. Lots of people with great big hearts!!! I am forever missing them but today I miss them a little more than usual!! I really need to get over there and visit but my life has been so hectic and busy here lately that I really hadn’t had the time to make that drive 😦 but very soon, I plan to pop up and do a sweet little surprise visit!!

If you have loved ones or know anyone living in a nursing home.. be sure to take the time out and go see them. Even if it’s for half an hr or less. They appreciate little things like that so much. So many of them get put in there and begin to feel forgotten by family because no one ever stops by to visit OR call! I’ve seen some family members actually come to the nursing home to pay their loved ones monthly rent and then just leave and not return for another 1-6 months. It used to sadden me so badly to see some of my residents get so emotional over things like that and of course that’s where I and many other healthcare providers (CNA’S & Nurses) stepped in to be that family they thought they lost and to show the love they felt like they were missing! Showing lots of love, being silly (me all the time, haha) & just doing whatever to help keep their mind off of what was hurting them on a daily basis.

I’m forever grateful for the Administrator (Julie Roberts) & My boss at the time (Gina Collins) for even giving me the opportunity to be apart of something so genuine & make a difference in the lives of the residents @ McKenzie Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center. All the time, I was trying to make a difference in their lives… little do they know, they made a difference in mine.

Thanks for reading & tuning in with me today! Feb. 15th will always have me in my feelings about becoming and being a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and today I just felt like sharing some of my thoughts on it! I guess I’ll end it right here because I know this is something I could talk about for hours haha. Don’t forget to Like, Comment or Share!!! 🙂 You guys have a blessed day!