I have a lot of actors & actresses out there that I love but I have to say.. these two are probably my most F A V O R I T E!! They have got to be some of the funniest people that have ever walked this earth. They are incredibly funny! I love them both on the TV & off off the TV. God has gifted them with some amazing talent from acting to singing! For the longest, I didn’t know they were a married couple in real life!! haha. (and no I did not just find out recently. It’s been a while!). I love the Christian Bond that they seem to share and also how they’re always promoting God’s Word and so much Extra Positivity behind it. If I had to choose my favorite “celebrity couple” it would be them. Man, they’re so encouraging and they show phenomenal leadership! One thing about great leaders.. they don’t actually set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the “role” but more so about the goal. I feel like the way they encourage others speaks of volumes about who they are as people. I love to see couples who are successful in both their life and marriage take the time to encourage those around them and other married couples or people who are striving to do the same.

If you don’t know who these two people are, I suggest you check out all of Tyler Perry’s (Madea) movies, plays and just about all of his TV shows! I promise you.. Cora & Mr. Brown are just about in all of them. Between Madea, those two and Bam (I can’t leave her out) they are just downright funny! They will have you nearly in tears laughing at them! I would list all of the movies, plays and shows but there are too many! I’m scared I might leave one out by accident. However, there are a few of Tamela & David Mann’s talk shows on YouTube that I’ve watched! I loved every single second of each video. Here are a few of them if you’re interested:

1. Long Lasting Marriage & Hilarious “It’s a Mann’s World!”


2. Weight Loss & Family


3. Blended Families 

4. How They Keep Love Alive


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Self Love Is The BEST Love. Love On You Til You’re Filled!!


“Treat Yo Self!” 

Sometimes we get so busy with life and taking care of others that we forget about ourselves and doing things that make us happy. Make yourself a priority every once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s NECESSARY!! 



So many people are hard on themselves about body image and following strict diets. Quick Reminder Though: Sexy is not a size, every calorie is not a war & your body is not a battleground. Your value is not measured in pounds. You are just as beautiful as any other woman! So with that being said.. Relax & just eat the cupcake! It won’t hurt to have one every now and then!


“Be Kind To Yourself” 

Like seriously, you will never speak to anyone else as much as you speak to yourself in your own head. Self Encouragement is so important and sometimes very critical. This is both a form of self love & self care! I’ve learned that you can’t always depend on other people to be there & encourage you when you’re at your lowest. Most times, people don’t know all that you really go through or what daily battles you’re fighting. Sometimes, you just have to encourage yourself! Sometimes you have to speak victory over yourself and your circumstances. There’s power in the words you speak. Keep good thoughts & a good spirit. The things you say & believe manifest quicker than you think! Pep talks are a great way to encourage yourself by the way.  Sometimes, I do it in front of a mirror and sometimes I do it while I’m driving. “Girl, you’re beautiful. You’ve been through so much and because of it, you’re a stronger person! You’re a great mommy and even though you don’t think you’re doing a good job today, your kids still think the world of you! To them, baby you hung the moon and because of that you have to keep pushing! You have a big heart and you’re real hustler with great ambitions & etc..” I talk to myself all the time about everything and keep myself lifted as much as possible! Call me crazy if you want haha but it works and if you’ve never done this before you should definitely give it a try!!



Protect your peace & I mean that! People will drive you crazy and literally stress you out if you let them. You can’t function properly when you’re stressed. You can’t be the parent, spouse, child, sibling, employee or friend you need to be when you’re under a lot of stress. You just can’t. Always remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup!



Listen, God didn’t ask you to be them. He asked you to be YOU! Stop comparing yourself to other people and what they have. What God has for you, will always be for you! Instead, learn how to cheer & be happy for other people in their winning season and have faith in the fact that when it’s your time to shine.. God got you!! 


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