HAPPY FRIDAY: Some Strength For Your Struggles💪


“Your struggle will transform into your testimony. It’s only temporary. Thank God for it. Never wish your struggles away, for that is the womb in which your blessings are formed and ready to be birthed. Your struggle is the heart of the blessing. Yes the struggle is real but so is God’s favor. Now that is what makes your blessing flawless!” -Tatiana Jerome 💛

So whoever you are, wherever you are.. be encouraged. I PROMISE You, Greater IS Coming! I need you to get that in your spirit. Get it deep down in there! What’s to come is still {.BETTER.} than what’s already been. I know it’s hard right now and your faith is struggling a little bit and that’s okay! You’re human. I’m just here to remind you that you can & you will get through this. God is always building you even when it feels like He’s breaking you. There’s purpose behind everything you go through. Believe that!🙌 God is always doing a trillion things in your life & you may only be aware of three of them. So chin up, babe! Your best days are ahead of you. Keep going because your miracle is not behind you! God’s power is not intimidated by your circumstances and where you come from does not determine where God plans to take you!!💕

**sending lots of love, hugs & positive vibes your way!**