Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress!

Just because you aren’t making progress as fast as you think does not mean you aren’t making progress at all. Keep going. Slow progress is better than no progress and honestly, I just wanted to remind you of that because sometimes we get so ahead of ourselves .. we lose all patience and get frustrated !! We get mad when we don’t see positive results as soon as we’d like. We get aggravated when things don’t necessarily go our way and when doors don’t open when we think they should. I am so guilty of all of this because I’m the type of person that gets excited about my future! I just know that all the work I’m putting in will literally pay off one day but sometimes I get annoyed because I wish that “one day” would be so much sooner than later haha.
I’m learning to appreciate the seasons though! There is literally a time for everything and as I’ve said before .. whatever it is you’re waiting on God for, you might as well learn to wait well because you’re not going to rush God. That’s just not going to happen so you can just forget it. He moves on His own time, not ours and when I get to where I’ve kind of forgotten that, He definitely finds a way to remind me of it !! So with that being said, keep doing things now that you can look back and thank yourself for later! One day at time and small steps at time will eventually get you to where it is you’re trying to go 🙂
You are not a failure and you’re actually doing a really good job!! I’m proud of you!
-J e s s i c a

My BIGGEST Failure as a Parent :(


Fighting with my Husband in front of the kids…

Just like any other couple, my Husband & I bump heads and have our disagreements from time to time. The one thing I can say I’m proud of is that we don’t argue nearly as often as we use to! As a matter of fact, when we pretty much see an argument approaching we kind of avoid each other and save it for later when the kids are in bed sleeping or we just argue it out through text messages of course while we’re physically not around each other to actually talk it out.

But for this particular situation, I’ll admit.. I was already upset before the argument happened. Long story short, my Husband had done something the night before that got under my skin. The next day, I wanted to sit down and simply talk about it. Let’s just say that I apparently chose the wrong time to approach the conversation. My Husband wasn’t feeling it and as a result I got emotional. The conversation actually went downhill from there. We both started lashing out at each other. Things led from one thing to another. Screaming, yelling, throwing things & etc. We both just kind of lost it on each other that day! Now…when this argument took place, he & I were in our bedroom with the door shut and the kids were in their room across the hall playing with their door shut as well. That didn’t stop them from coming out to see what was going on though. They didn’t get to see/hear much but they saw and heard enough!!

This was definitely one of those arguments that could’ve easily been avoided with some good effective communication. We had both been stressed about a number of things at the time and sometimes we tend to take our frustrations out on each other! Sometimes, our emotions get out of control and it’s not intentional. We’re human and that’s okay.. but what was NOT okay was the fact that our kids saw and heard some of the argument. It was awful. My Husband & I both grew up seeing our parents fight and argue all the time. We both still remember how we felt in those moments and the last thing we want to do is put our children through the exact same thing. 

It’s so unhealthy for children to see their parents fight & more than anything they are emotionally harmed. After it was all said & done, my Husband & I not only apologized to each other but we had to apologize to the kids too & explain why and where we went wrong. Man, we felt so horrible after that but yeah.. so far, that’s my biggest failure as a parent! I know that we’re not the first couple to lose our minds in front of our kids, nor will we ever be the last. There are some parents/couples out there that our far worse than we are and they just keep going. We try to make sure we correct ourselves and are careful to not let it happen repetitively or ever again! 

What’s your worst failure as a parent? If you’re comfortable enough to share, feel free to do so in the comments 🙂 Nothing to be ashamed of. None of us are perfect!