Top 3 Pet Peeves!



It’s one thing when kids do it but it’s another thing when a grown ass adult does it. Excuse my language but I mean, if you have some treasure you need to dig for in there.. do it in private or get some tissue, kleenex or something! I hate to see grown people freely picking their nose all out in the open and then what makes it even worse is that they don’t wash their hands afterwards or bother to use germ-ex! They just continue with whatever they we’re doing. JUST NASTY. Say what you want about me but I can’t stand it! Some people feel as if it’s natural to pick their nose.. and to be honest it is for the most part but it’s also nice to have some manners in doing so hahaha. I’m just saying!




This is another one that gets on my nerves. People who politely turn their head in the opposite direction of me to burp & say excuse me don’t bother me at all but those that literally burp right in my face or directly over MY FOOD piss me off !!! Some people think this is a stupid pet peeve because when you think about it, it’s just air but I don’t see it that way. It is air, but it’s air that has a funky kind of smell to it that I personally don’t want blown my way period.. especially when I’m trying to eat! Nobody wants to smell that mess. That’s gross!




slow walkers

Oh My Lord! Now this one just drives me up the wall!! haha. I can’t stand slow walking people!! It’s annoying if you’re a complete stranger in front of me, dragging your feet and pretty much in my way and it’s even more annoying if you’re with me, walk slow and you can’t keep up! My Husband and our two children are probably the world’s worst right now, especially my 5 year old!! He walks slower than all 4 of us combined, I swear and it drives me crazy especially when we’re at Walmart! haha. After a few minutes, I’ll be like, “Just get in the buggy.” I like to run in and out of places as quick as possible unless I’m on a shopping spree for clothes or something like that. Bless their hearts. I love em though but this is just one of those pet peeves that irk my nerves! haha.


I know my pet peeves probably sound silly & half childish but those are the top 3 that will have me looking at somebody all kinds of crazy! Do you have any pet peeves? If so, feel free to share one of them with me!