These are by far some of the easiest wreaths I have ever made! Literally, all you need is:

  1. Wire Wreath Frame (I normally get 16in-18in)
  2. Two Yards of Fabric (or 8 fat quarters)
  3. Scissors

All you do is cut your fabric into 2.5 inch wide strips & tie them around the frame.. one strip at a time! It can be time consuming but its very simple and something easy to do to make yourself some extra cash on the side!! 🙂 

For more details on how to physically make this wreath you can watch this YouTube link..

It’s very detailed. Enjoy and happy making!! 



How To Make Burlap Wreaths/DIY BURLAP WREATHS!!!

0KAY.. so there are two things that really inspired me to start making burlap wreaths.. one of them is a social media site called, “” & oh my gosh, let me just tell you.. I LOVE ME SOME PINTEREST!! I almost spend more time on there than I do other social media sites like Facebook! There’s so much to learn and see on that sight from fashion, food, wedding ideas, cooking, all kinds of different dinner receipes, arts & crafts & etc! Just about anything you can think of is on that website and I love exploring through all of it. It’s actually where I stumbled across a lot of beautiful door wreaths but the very first kind I fell in love with upon sight were the Burlap Wreaths! Me being the creative person that I am got curious and wondered exactly how they were made. Of course, I began looking into it and accepted the challenge of trying to make my own! The other thing that inspired me to make Burlap Wreaths was the fact that I was [.b r o k e.] as hell & figured that if I became really good at making these I could also make some money off of them! I started making Burlap Wreaths around August 2017. I’ve made A LOT but here are a few just to show you some of my work (inspired by Pinterest & a certain Youtube Link I’m going to share with you) ..

I will give you a heads up and let you know that this is not as easy as it looks to make. It took me a four days to complete my very first wreath! The learning process was a bit frustrating but the more I kept doing it, the better I got. Now I can make a wreath under 20mins. That’s how good I’ve gotten and you can do it too! It just takes patience and consistent practicing. You will also find that there are MANY different methods to making burlap wreaths. After looking at about 6 six different videos, I stumbled across a tutorial that made more sense to me than any of the others did and it seemed simple! To me, it was the EASIEST method & the link to that Youtube Video is

I will forever be grateful for that video. They were very helpful and also let you know everything you need to purchase in order to make your wreath! For other tips & ideas on how to make a burlap wreath you can visit OR just download the app. It’s FREE! Of course after you get the method of actually making the burlap wreath down, you can pretty much design your wreath however you’d like! I will be posting more blogs on how to make all kinds of other different wreaths in the near future. I just wanted to share this with you all. It’s a great way to make extra cash on the side especially if you have a great support system! I have been very blessed to make money off of the wreaths I’ve been making since early last year !! I sell them through social media platforms like Facebook and also through eBay, Etsy & Bonanza as well! That’s all for today! Please feel free to comment below and share any tips you have on making Burlap Wreaths or any personal experiences that you have with them & if you have any questions on where to find more really good tutorials & ideas just let me know. I’ll be glad to help!! 🙂