Not Everyone Can Go To The Next Level With You. Be Able To Accept That.


It is so important to leave people in the season that God intended for them to be a part of. Seasons naturally change in our lives just like the weather and it’s inevitable. Have you ever tried to put a fallen leaf back on the tree it fell from? It is impossible to reconnect and reobtain growth. Same way with people who no longer serve purpose in our lives and I promise if you ask God to show you who needs to fall, He will. I was just saying this yesterday and I’m going to say it again today .. Not everyone can go to the next level with you. When God is taking you to that next level, there’s NOT going to be room for everyone on that journey. Be able to accept that. Not everyone can always enter the space you’re called to. Be OK with that and go anyways! Love from a distance when it becomes necessary and transition into your new season.


This post was inspired by a beautiful heart, Montana Danielle as well as when I was going through my own season of learning to love people from a distance or just simply learning to love them where they were.


Ahh, the beautiful benefit of trusting God 🖤

I’m sitting here reflecting back over the month of May and all that I’ve learned during the time it was here and the one thing I can say is.. I’ve learned to trust God more! God doesn’t always move when “I want” Him to move. Sometimes, my patience personally gets a work-out when I pray and ask Him for something and He doesn’t answer. Have you ever had that happen to you? Like you pray and ask God for something and His answer is literally no answer. He doesn’t say yes, He doesn’t say no, He doesn’t maybe.. He doesn’t say anything!! He doesn’t even give you a hint, no immediate signs.. you just have to trust the fact that He heard you and is working on your behalf! I’m not going to lie, I hate those moments lol but I’ve also learned to appreciate the opportunity to work on waiting & trusting Him too! One thing about God, you are NOT going to rush Him so while you’re waiting, you may as well learn to wait well !!
As a result of me constantly praying this month and waiting on God, the opportunity to get back into healthcare has presented itself and I am SO happy!! Working in an office has been an experience for the books but I’m more excited now about going back to doing something I am absolutely phenomenal at and have a big heart for. Nursing. There are benefits in waiting on God. He may not come when you want him but He’ll always be there RIGHT ON TIME!

I just wanted to take the time to encourage someone in the fact that when God is for you, it doesn’t matter who is against you! Rest in Him. Delays are not denial. Waiting is not wasting. Though the vision tarries, it shall truly come to past! KEEP MOVING! KEEP PRAYING. KEEP BELIEVING GOD FOR THAT THING YOU ASKED HIM FOR. Don’t let circumstances make you doubt what God told you! No matter what it looks like and regardless of what it feels like .. you keep fighting the good fight of faith and trust the fact that God is moving and turning things in YOUR favor!
The presence of a battle does not mean the absence of God in the war! I’m just saying .. it doesn’t matter what people may try to do to stop those doors from opening for you. What God has for you will always be for you. Don’t ever forget that. You don’t ever have to worry about anybody getting in the way of your blessing because believe me .. when God’s ready for you to have it .. He will make sure He gets it to YOU!!

There’s a BLESSING in the Breakup!


My heartaches a little bit today for people who are in toxic relationships that are struggling with the decision to get out of it and some who are no longer in the relationship but having a hard time with the healing process of it. Here’s some real words of love & encouragement for you today! I hope this helps!!💖💛

“Stop thinking about how they will feel. No decision will pay off more than leaving behind the person that was causing you pain. No decision will pay off more than a made up mind that says no more. No decision will pay off more than the one that chooses to no longer entertain the phone calls and the random texts and sorries. YOU DESERVE MORE. So when the real breakup happened in your heart and in your mind, your BLESSING was formed. Now you can feel free. FREE from someone else’s thoughts because hurt people hurt people. Free from having the hope that no matter what they did their words are there to comfort you after they just hurt you. YOU DESERVE BETTER. THE BREAKUP IS A BLESSING. The truth was in the decision. Doesn’t matter who made the decision because if you are FINALLY SAYING NO MORE then you have decided for no one but you. No one said the decision is easy but the blessing that came with the decision makes it all worth it.. The blessing is self love, confidence, real love, opportunities, things finally going right because you knew with them things weren’t working out in other aspects of your life. The blessing is now you gravitating at a much quicker pace to what belongs to you because you are FREE from the negativity and hurt from others. It’s okay to be FREE. YOU DESERVE THIS BLESSING. IT IS YOURS! THIS DECISION HAS PAID OFF. The decision wasn’t easy but it’s your time to heal from this breakup. The decision is paying off. It’s your time to reclaim your peace.” –Tatiana Jerome!

Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Moving on doesn’t take a day. It takes a lot of little steps to be able to break free .. one day at a time! Love you!💖💛




Don’t Let The Struggle Fool You. The Blessing is There! Keep going.


“They are going to see how great you are because for you quitting is not an option.  Even in pain, you move forward. Even in fear, you move forward. Even in failure and doubt, you move forward. Even with limitations, you move forward. Even when it’s uncomfortable, you move forward! None of this is forever as this too shall pass. Greatness is born from all of this because you kept moving forward and believing in the birth of better. You focus on what you believe over everything else. You are not like them and because of that you are unique and greatness is welcoming you. Keep birthing your greatness. Keep going. Align with those who are hungry, not thirsty.” -Tatiana Jermone

Just a little burst of encouragement for you today. Keep going, Keep pushing, Keep Praying.. You got this!! 😘

God’s Plan..

Even though Drake is clearly a Hip Hop & R&B music artist.. there is no way that he didn’t hear from God with this one! It’s not too often that you hear about celebrities genuinely giving back to their communities or any community really. Some say he probably only did this for publicity. Who knows? Only God can judge that but I honestly thought this video was very genuine and heart felt. I’m not gonna lie, it made my eyes water a little bit! To visually see the struggles that so many other people are faced with & to personally think about my own kinda hit home for me. Now if you’ve never been through a struggle before, then you really can’t relate. But if you know what it’s like to live from paycheck-to-paycheck, not know where your next meal is coming from or how you’re going to provide for your family or even for yourself then you probably already know how much joy these people felt when someone just randomly came along and blessed them with exactly what they needed or close to it!! And although people always try to make everything about “race” .. this clearly wasn’t about race at all. This was solely about giving back and helping others of all kinds of different ethnicities, backgrounds, races, and cultures. It’s a blessing when God puts you on somebody’s mind to come and bless you with exactly what He knows you need. To me, it’s just another one of God’s ways of expressing his love for us. I truly believe miracles are expressions performed out of love. 

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