Removing Distractions & Polishing Anything That Will Help Grow You!


“Just because someone else is being recognized for their crowned doesn’t make your crown any less insignificant. It doesn’t matter where you are in this chapter of your life as long as you make TODAY the day to grow in your self worth. When you grow in confidence in yourself and the decisions you make, you start to glow up physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. Your glow will confuse, terrify and astound those who are against you. Remember a good woman KNOWS HER WORTH and is not afraid to leave what doesn’t recognize her worth. A woman who is interested in growing not only in self confidence but also in awareness of who she truly is within herself and God makes a DECISION to do WHAT IS RIGHT FOR HER TODAY. Not TOMORROW but TODAY.

This woman does not have time to beef with the miserable because she’s too busy realigning with her purpose. She is too busy learning who she is and what she can give to herself and others daily. This woman is a virtuous woman who WILL NOT GIVE UP on herself. She knows in order for her to be powerful she must educate herself and surround herself with like-minded individuals. This woman knows it is clean up time …removing distractions and polishing whatever is in her space that will grow her. This woman doesn’t need to throw shade or indulge in petty behavior in order for her to shine. When she speaks it means something because whatever she says is valuable to the ears that hear it. This woman wears a crown that can never be knocked off. She overflows with love and wisdom because she first allows God to flow and fill her up. She is cRowned. You are crowned. TODAY not TOMORROW is the time for you grow in your cRown of self love, awareness and confidence.” -Tatiana Jerome!💕

Just thought I’d share some of words of wisdom with you guys today!! Hope you enjoyed! Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having a great weekend!! xo!!

Appreciating Good, Difficult, Dramatic and Horrible People ..



Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet.

Sometimes, life puts you in touch with people you need to meet to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become. Every single person you meet has something so valuable to teach you. Whether they’re testing you, using you, bringing out the best in you, or the worst .. they will all teach you something about yourself.

The road to self-discovery requires help from others! Both positive and negative relationships teach you valuable lessons. It’s kind of how you learn and become a better individual. No relationship or friendship is ever a waste of time, therefore, you should never regret the people in your past. The wrong ones teach you lessons that will prepare you for the right ones coming!! 

Appreciate them. 



Blogging Helps Depression

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Depression can often visit us like an unwanted guest from out of the blue. One day you’re feeling just fine and the next day – down in the dumps for no apparent reason. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. I consider myself to be a very positive person for the most part but believe me, I have my days and moments of extreme sadness. Before I started blogging, I used a few different methods to avoid depression and they all worked very well but my favorite one was writing! Writing feels so good. It’s just a way to release your thoughts, emotions and pretty much be as expressive as you want! It’s like venting to a friend but instead you’re doing it on paper. But just like writing can help your depression, blogging can too! Let me tell you how.


Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your story with others. A lot of times, depression itself will have you feeling like you’re all alone but I promise you’re not. There are so many other people suffering from depression and on so many different levels. You never know how sharing your story will help others find healing in what they’re going through themselves. Remember .. other people are going to find healing your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. Never be ashamed of your story.


Blogging also gives you the opportunity to be an inspiration to so many other people all around this world. While sharing your story, you also get to inspire others with your uniqueness and authenticity. You don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect to make a difference in someone else’s life. You just have to care. Look for a way to lift someone up and if that’s all you do, then you’ve done enough. You’ll find that being able to help other people even when you can’t seem to help yourself actually does help you! it does something for you. It makes you feel better inside. Your greatest test is when you are able to help and bless someone else while you’re going through your own storm.


You can blog about any topic your heart desires. You are your own boss! You have complete power over your blog. All of this freedom is a big confidence booster. You’re, also, gaining back your independence. Slowly, but surely, you’ll find it easier to manage your depression. With all the positives that blogging has to offer, I’m confident that you can overcome this! -Natalie


Not only does blogging help free you from depression, it’s also a way to earn some extra cash!


As I mentioned earlier, depression sometimes will have you feeling like you are all alone but the more you blog, you’ll begin to see that there are many other people who blog about depression too. Connecting and interacting with other bloggers who are going through similar situations will help you to feel a little relief and happier as well!

Thanks for reading!! Your company here is always more than appreciated!!

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How to Handle Low Key Haters!

The people you expect to congratulate you on your success will truly surprise you! That’s okay though. You have ALL the support you need in order to move on to the next level. You can’t force people to be happy for you. To be happy for you means they would need to be happy for what is happening in your life right now. They can’t be happy for you with right now if they never thought you would be great or get what you have going on. And it’s disheartening especially when it’s those that you’re close to that seem to be sour about your “come up” but one thing you gotta remember is that everybody can’t go to the next level with you!
Be careful not to mix the seasonal people with the lifetime ones. Some people pass through our lives for a season to teach us lessons that could never be learned if they stayed. You don’t have to let people go completely but you don’t need to let them distract you either. Love from a distance if necessary and keep going! Don’t let folks break you down because you are greater than what they make you out to be. They want you to fail so they can say you’re just like them. Sometimes people hurt you because they need somebody on their same level but in spite of that you keep going! Be more concerned about where you’re going rather than who is not going with you. Don’t worry about that. God will put the people in your life that need to be there!
Thanks for visiting my blog today! Your company is ALWAYS appreciated!!

Never Underestimate The Power of The Words You Speak

“If you are always talking about your hardships, do not be surprised if you live in never-ending defeat. You must challenge yourself to stop talking about the problem and start talking about the solution. Use your words to change your situation. Start speaking words of victory. It is so important for you to understand that when you focus on your problems, you get more problems, and your problems intensify. However, when you stay focused on your purpose and passions and not your problems, you can have joy even when life seems to be falling apart.”
-Tony L. Warrick