Everything You Go Through Can TEACH You Something..

“There’s nothing that life can throw at you that does not have the potential to make you better.” -Derron E. Short

“Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience. Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand on your own two feet. Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back. Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love. Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear. Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let it go.”( -unknown)
See so you can really learn from any and everything that you go through; It just all depends on your perspective! So whatever you go through this week, keep the words above in somewhere in the back of your head. It might be disheartening and it might hurt but at the end of the day.. it will make you better if you let it.
I love you – I hope you have a G R E A T week – and I hope this post helps you get off to a great positive start !!πŸ’›

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Hi, I'm Jessica! New Blogger. 26 years young. Married. Super Mom of two boys.. Keeps me busy! I'm also a full-time worker & entrepreneur. The overall goal of my blog page is to inspire and promote personal growth. I'll be sharing a wide range of ideas, experiences, updates, different ways to earn extra cash, and different ways to be the struggle of debt. I'll also be speaking quite a bit on different topics such as depression/anxiety, mental health, the importance of being positive, the importance of sacrifice, sharing some of my favorite cooking recipes and sooo much more!! I'm very humbled that you stopped by to visit my page & I pray that you continue to tune in with me! You won't regret it :)

20 thoughts on “Everything You Go Through Can TEACH You Something..”

  1. That’s so true! If we try to learn from our situations, they’ll definitely teach us something at the end of the day! But we lose this patience when we actually face such situation. Thanks for sharing it. We’ll keep your words in mind and will try to be good learnersπŸ’

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