Don’t be Discouraged; You’re Almost There!!


“When you go through difficult times, make sure you pass the test. Don’t be stubborn and hardheaded. Recognize that God is refining you, knocking off some of your rough edges. Stand strong and fight the good fight of faith. God has called each of us to be champions; you are destined to win. If you will work with God, and keep a good attitude, then no matter what comes against you, the bible says that all things – not just the good things in life, but all things – work together for your good.” -Joel Osteen

Right now these words are everything to me! It’s like you’re given a test.. not by other people but by God and if you pass it, then you get to progress on to the next level and new blessings in your life. But if you fail it, ohhh if you fail and don’t learn from the situation then you might catch a little bit of break but sooner or later, that same situation will come back for an encore and test you again! 

So if you’re kinda like me and know you’re gonna be up against some battles this week, this post is just a reminder that you can handle whatever is thrown at you this week! T.D Jakes said it best, “Faith must always pass the test of discouragement.” and he is absolutely right!! So put your positive pants on and remember that all of your bad days have been written in God’s book. When you go through disappointment, don’t stop on that page. Stay the course. Stay focused. When the enemy cannot destroy then he makes it his job to distract you. Don’t ever forget that !! ❤


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Hi, I'm Jessica! New Blogger. 26 years young. Married. Super Mom of two boys.. Keeps me busy! I'm also a full-time worker & entrepreneur. The overall goal of my blog page is to inspire and promote personal growth. I'll be sharing a wide range of ideas, experiences, updates, different ways to earn extra cash, and different ways to be the struggle of debt. I'll also be speaking quite a bit on different topics such as depression/anxiety, mental health, the importance of being positive, the importance of sacrifice, sharing some of my favorite cooking recipes and sooo much more!! I'm very humbled that you stopped by to visit my page & I pray that you continue to tune in with me! You won't regret it :)

16 thoughts on “Don’t be Discouraged; You’re Almost There!!”

  1. I greatly admire you and I thank you for letting God to use you to share this wonderful message, Jessica. I also love the quote from Joel Osteen.

    By the way, I nominated you to the “Three days, three quotes challenge.” I’m not quite sure how it really works but I just followed the rules provided in the post of the one who nominated me. Hehe. Have a blissful day!
    Please refer to this link:

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  2. Your post is 💯 on point. I believe that every struggle life brings our way is a ‘tool’ to solve future problems. These days I find my ‘toolbox’ super helpful in fixing my daily problems.😊♥️🌺

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